The advent of Smart Grids is creating an opportunity for all of us to become producers of electricity. This is because, Smart Grids have several advantages over the traditional power grid. The communication and coordination between generating, transmission and distribution stations, and prosumers, and the integration of the electricity generated by prosumers will enhance the total generation/supply of power to meet the increasing demand, without the expansion and over burdening of the remote conventional power generation stations and transmission systems. See benefits of Smart Grid for more.

Advancements in the field of Power Electronics with high rating and fast switching devices and converter typologies with advanced hybrid heuristic control techniques, secured communication systems and smart meters is revolutionizing smart grids. The report ‘The Smart Grids Country Report 2019‘ clearly shows countries Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America and European Union are moving ahead with smart grids and they should be seeing results soon.

As Smart Grids promote distributed generation of electricity, consumers can also generate electricity and supply it to the Grid in the hour of need. Greener/ eco-friendly renewable energy sources adoption will also increase as Smart Grids can accept power of variable capacities. Renewable energy sources are available in abundant but some are seasonal and some are time-of-the-day dependent. These uncertainties will cause the problems in integration to the Grid of today. However, smart grids have the technology to address the problem.

Smart City, Industry 4.0 (Fourth industrial revolution) and Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies are the three important key trends to be considered while designing the infrastructure of Smart Grids.

Infrastructures like Smart building and Smart factories (Industry 4.0) are part of future Smart Cities, which increases the demand for greener electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar power, which are pollution free and infinitely renewable.

The success of Smart City projects depends on and necessitates a more reliable and efficient smarter energy infrastructure integrated with distributed energy resources (DER). In addition the V2G technology implementation would cause disturbances in the Grid resulting in instability and Grid failure. Thus, these trending technologies require resilient Smart Grid infrastructure in place.

Electricity consumers who also generate electricity at their site are the Smart People who can contribute for the implementation of Smart Grid. These people who are prosumers, meaning consumers and producers rolled into one, will only need to setup a solar panel on their rooftop and start supplying power to the smart grid. The two way power transmission capability of smart grid will facilitate this and result in the possibility of supplying power to one and all, and reach the eventual target of free power to everyone, which will uplift the lives of poor and make this earth a better place for everyone.

Smart Cities are built by Smart People. Smart Grids require Smart Consumers (Prosumers).

Building of smart cities, and converting existing cities to smart cities, is a formidable exercise and requires the industry, the govt. and the academia to come together and create roadmap, train smart grid engineers, and build resource centers.

For this to happen, the basic requirement is a knowledge hub and this website aims to partly meet this need. A knowledge hub, which covers cloud computing, mobile technology, smart grid electronics and smart grid infrastructure is what we will build together.

As we go into the exciting smart world, consisting of smart cities, we will provide the required information, consulting services and trained engineers who can work in building the smart cities and create a world class infrastructure.

Your support is valued, and hope to see you again.

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